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Katy Moore, Dealer Principal

J.P. Moore, Dealer Principal
(509) 837-5501

Carlos Munguia, General Manager

Meet our fearless leader, Carlos Munguia. As the General Popcorn Manager, Carlos' responsibilities are TLTR, so we will save you some time and just say he does a bit of everything- leadership, advertising, customer service, sales, you name it!

Angel Garza, Sales Manager

Hugo Valencia, Sales Manager

Hugo Valencia has been a valuable member of the Speck team since 2015! Hugo was a Sales Manager at our Prosser location for years before joining the Sunnyside team. His responsibilities at work including appraising vehicles, desking car deals, helping respond to online inquiries and pepping up the sales team. His super power of waking up at 4am with a smile helps him to motivate his co-workers. Outside of work, Hugo enjoys volleyball, crossfit, and working on cars. He's a proud owner of a 1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. Hugo also loves spending time with his family and even said his main inspiration is his wife (collective awwwwww)!

Katie Forney, Director of Operations


Sales Department

Abel Castaneda, Sales & Leasing Professional

Eddie Garcia, Sales & Leasing Professional

Javier Contreras, Sales & Leasing Professional

Ralph Magana, Sales & Leasing Professional

Ricky Espindola, Sales & Leasing Professional

Meet our Sales Professional, Ricky Espindola! Ricky is here to help customers select the right vehicle while exceeding customer expectations. Outside of work you can find Ricky cutting hair, playing pool, making beautiful music on the violin.

Jason Cruz, Sales & Leasing Professional


Service Department

Angel Castaneda, Fixed Operations Manager
(888) 833-5116

You may recognize Angel Castaneda, because he's worked at C. Speck Motors since 1995! He's also friends with everybody, so there is a good change he's also your BFF. As the Fixed Operations Manager, Angel oversee's the Service and Parts Departments. This includes making positive relationships with customers, making sure department staff is helpful, and prioritizing customer service. Stop by and say "Halo" to Angel today!

Tony Espnidola, Service Advisor

Tony is from Sunnyside and has been a part of the Speck Team since 2012. He loves to spend as much time with his family as possible and enjoys working for Speck Dealerships because of the "family-like atmosphere".

Robert Montalvo, Service Advisor

Luis Flores, Service Advisor


Parts Department

Art Howe, Parts Advisor
(888) 833-5116

Art made the move over from Flint, Michigan to Washington in 2012. He's been with C. Speck Motors since 2014, but started in the automotive industry back in 1992. "I enjoy the people at C. Speck Motors and being part of a goal oriented team," says Art.


Finance Department

Robert Rivera, Finance Manager
(888) 835-3605

Meet our Finance Manager, Robert Rivera! Robert has been an asset to the Speck team since 2010. His main responsibility is to obtain automotive financing for customers. He also presents products and services such as extended warranties, paint protection, GAP insurance and more. Outside of work Robert enjoys spending time with his family and waxing his truck. Call Robert with your auto financing questions!

Joseph Diianni, Finance Manager
(888) 835-3605

Joseph D-I-I-A-N-N-I has been a valuable Speck team member since 2014. As our Finance Manager, Joe's main responsibility is to get customers approved for financing their dream car. Whether you're financing a new vehicle, used vehicle, or wanting re-finance- Joe is your guy! Outside of work Joe enjoys sports, gambling, discussing politics and music. Fun fact- Joe love Christian rap!


Fleet & Commercial Sales

Robert Bepple, Fleet & New Inventory Manager