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It’s important you don’t neglect your vehicles cooling system maintenance. Neglecting coolant flush services could result in in a blow head gasket, cracked engine block, overheated engine or breakdown. Let’s start by understand how the coolant system works. The radiator controls temperature by circulating coolant through the hoses, heater core and water pump in the engine as fuel combustion creates heat. If you run low on coolant or have a clog you have the risk your engine overheating.

Are Coolant and Antifreeze the Same?
Coolant and antifreeze are typically interchangeable terms since both have antifreeze properties. Depending on climate, the ratio of coolant/antifreeze and water is adjusted. The typical mix is 50/50.

How Often Should You Get Your Coolant Flushed?
According to a article on coolant flushes the frequency of coolant flushes varies from model to model, but most service shops recommend you get your coolant changed every 30,000-50,000 miles. Makes sure your check your vehicles owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendation.

Can I Change My Coolant Myself?
There are kits made for changing your coolant yourself, but we do not recommend it since coolant is toxic to both humans and animals. It is important you dispose of coolant properly.

Schedule your coolant flush online and don’t forget to check for service coupon specials.

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